Summer’s Almost Here! 3 Ways to get past Groupon Clients Back Into Your Store

As a small business owner we all have that daunting question: “What do I do next to get customers coming back?” It’s all too easy to throw out another special, repackage oldie but goodie services or make another BOGO offer. These marketing efforts bring in clients just fine, but how much more exciting would it be if they committed to coming back for the entire season?

I love seasonal programs because it gives clients a road map. A game plan as to how they will navigate their next three months with, of course, your business at the helm. Summer is a tricky month, because it’s vacation time! So many kids out of school, families leaving town, it can be a bit hard to herd clients back in. However, if you make your offer short, sweet and easy to work into their lives, you’ll keep clients engaged through the entire season. After all, an absent client is much harder to sell than a present one 😉

Step One:
Make your first offer a quick/no brainer they can still do in May before the kids get out. An example is for our spas, we’re kicking off a fun pre-summer skin 15-minute evaluation which includes a free medical grade sunscreen. Clients come in, get a summer skin care game plan for the next three months and a free gift in the process.

Step Two:
Offer a follow up product or service they have to physically make a trip into your store to receive. This one can be a special rate or even free if you think there’s a chance they’ll buy something once they’re in. Remember, make the offer good for only 30-60 days to ensure you get the commitment. For us at the spa, we’re doing an oxygen facial designed to keep moisture and protect against sun damage.

Step Three:
Post summer re-evaluation. This is where you invite them to come in one last time to wrap up part three of their series. Again, feel free to offer it at a special rate, but ONLY if they use it during that last month of your campaign. For us it will be a sun damage evaluation using a special lamp. Clients can come in and see how much sun damage occurred as they traipsed across the Mediterranean, get some excellent discounts if they do some sun damage repair while they visit.

All easy ways to work your business into your clients’ busy lifestyles this summer. All can be done inexpensively via email campaigns. All giving you one more opportunity to up sell them on your other products and services in the process. Happy selling!



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