This complimentary training is for you if…

  • You’ve tried selling your products or services through online coupon vendors like Groupon, Living Social, etc. and broke even or lost money in the process.
  • You’re looking for the easiest way to create repeat sales from your new Groupon/Living Social customer list – FAST!
  • You want the #1 secret to making your offer so good they buy more today and buy it NOW!
  • You want your staff to know what to say to inspire Groupon/Living Social customers to buy without sounding like salespeople



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YES!  It’s Sales Training specifically designed to upsell and close

Groupon/Living Social customers once, twice up to ten more times effortlessly!


These simple and proven EZ INSTANT UPSELL techniques have been tested and proven to work hundreds of times.

This FREE 60-Minute Teleseminar can help you:

  • Secure hundreds of thousands of dollars in repeat business from just ONE Groupon, Living Social campaign.
  • Build and cultivate an email list of ACTIVE cash paying clients who CAN’T WAIT for your next special offer!

There’s no question GROUPCOUPONS like Groupon and Living Social help you build your email list fast!  I mean where else can you pick up 200-500 new customers within 48 hrs?

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I’ve personally used Groupons and Living Social campaigns to build up my small businesses and the small businesses of my clients.   Sometimes going from making just enough money to keep the doors open to over a million dollars in sales within 6 months– ALL BY USING GROUPCOUPON campaigns!


And now I’m going to teach my strategies to YOU absolutely FREE in this 60 Minute complimentary training

learningoptionsHere’s what you’re going to learn in this ground-breaking training:

Part 1: “How to POSITION your Irresistible GROUPCOUPON offer for EZ Upsell” — This is the #1 thing you MUST do in any GROUPCOUPON selling situation.   Chances are you are already upselling your customers something, but I’m going to show you how to make them come back time-after-time from just one initial visit!


Part 2: “How to Turn ANY Staff Person Into a Sales Making Machine” — if you want your staff to create genuine interest in your offer, without them sounding like they’re selling, this is perfect for you.


Part 3: “How to lock in sales that double, triple sometimes quadruple your profits on the spot!

What Clients Have Said:

Patty knows how to deliver to the bottom line through her experiences, vision, and progressive thinking. She has helped us to align our business strategies and systems, giving us an improved path to success. Her work ethic and attention to deadlines are extraordinary.
James Keil, VP Sales -
Patty is great to work with and she has some great marketing ideas that work!
Mark Nored - Entrepreneur
I would highly recommend Patty Rappa to anyone needing marketing help. Marketing requires somebody that you can trust through a sometimes very intense process. Patty is someone that can be trusted and has always delivered a successful marketing package for us!
Rich Barbis - Entrepreneur


arrow-1-1Free 60-Minute Teleseminar

“Exactly how to turn just one Groupon or Living Social Campaign into repeat business, securing client for life!”

PLUS TWO BONUS Worksheets and a complete “Post Campaign Marketing Calendar!”  Yours FREE!

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All my best,

Patty Rappa
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